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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Aegli Hotel Araxova, a wanna be Five stars Resort and Spa!! And my amazing experience..

Araxova is regarded as Mikonos in winter time by Greeks. A very beautiful place, cosmopolitan I would  say. The mountain air is slightly smoky and quite cool. The other thing  this place has is an old world charm on the outside, but includes all of the modern luxuries of a top location.

Last week we went for a weekend in this  beautiful place.

I was waiting for this getaway  and I was felling blessed and excited, especially after we booked the hotel, a five stars resort and spa. 

So, Friday night we reach Araxova, feeling happy that my family will enjoy a great 3days vacation. We check  in our rooms and a feeling of disappointment crossed my body. I'm working as a model for 13 years, I know what it means Photoshop, but the owner of this hotel know more than I do.

Anyway, I said never mind don't destroy our magic weekend. I started unpacking our things but the closet had five hungers only  and of course, as you can imagine, I needed more. I grabbed the phone, "can I have, please, five more hungers, and two bathrobes, we had none. We are speaking about  a  five stars hotel resort and spa, ok!

Anyway, steel calm, we eat and we slept in the tiny room I sow and check in their site, looking huge, but you know Photoshop do does miracles:)))

Next morning we went for breakfast, being my favorite part of my staying at a beautiful hotel, especially five stars. But again, even more disappointed.

We have crisis in Greece so we have less quality and service in what we offer but at the same price five years ago when then was no problemo!!.....shame shame shame.

Steel calm:))) not in my nature, but my family matter most and their happiness, my babies being too young to understand what means paying for excellence and getting, pardon my French, merde, or my English by saying crap.

I had to entertain my babies in some way,  we went there for them also, taking in consideration that the super resort and spa hotel was offering playground and swimming pool...great right... but no!! We've been informed that the playground is under construction , not when we booked the hotel, in that day... imagine me and my babies...

The only thing left was the magnificent swimming pool from the photoshoped  photos....we went there, putting our swimming suits, babies very happy, laughing and jumping...
We went in yellow and we came out purple....nice??

Not to mention the smell of the chlorine...I went up to ask nicely the front desk man to warm the water because my babies are felling cold…and the answer.... Just swim and you’ll get wormer!!

Now I will be also a teacher in this story and I’ll be kind enough to inform the owners of this hotel  and the  institution whom deliberate certificate of Five Stars Resort And Spa, that Spa is a term associated with  water treatment, known as balneotherapy. Spa resorts offer various health treatments like in Roman baths.

SPA in Hotesl or Resorts means a Health Club which is offering various kinds of health therapies like traditional massages, facial and body cleansing, face or body mask, sauna..
Well, from all the above, they own a swimming pool(cold water with a strong smell of chlorine that you could smell it from your room) sauna, Jacuzzi and gym.
By saying water treatments we don t mean chlorine swimming pool water treatments..


I Leave you the honor to comment on my amazing experience with some pictures I made...take a look...

The location is unbelievable beautiful ok,  worth to visit it, you can find a bunch of beautiful hotels and restaurants. I’ll go again next weekend and I’ll present to you a list with places you can visit.

Not to forget,  the name of the hotel is Aegli Resort and Spa Araxova.

Kiss kiss, simple is chic..